How To Develop a Crypto Wallet App An Exclusive Guide

Posted by on August 22, 2023 in Blog

The first step in creating a crypto wallet is to develop a rough design of the crypto wallet you would like to build. Finally, the simplicity of cryptocurrency transactions is very appealing to its users. Given the popularity and value of cryptocurrencies, wallet apps are prone to many security attacks.

develop cryptocurrency wallet

The cryptocurrency market is very volatile and coin prices can fluctuate dramatically. This means that crypto wallet users like to monitor exchange rates much more intently than traditional banking customers. However, without turning into full-time traders, users do not have the time or energy to track prices 24/7. To prevent users from losing track of their coins and keep them engaged, crypto wallets should send updates via push notifications.

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Adding feathers to our cap, the cryptocurrency app was further capable of witnessing 50K+ cryptocurrency transactions. After getting an initial review from the target audience, you can then move ahead and develop a full-fledged crypto wallet app integrated with an extensive feature list. Several factors define a crypto wallet app’s complexity including its feature set, the tech stack that backs it, design elements, etc. Even though it is impossible to determine every factor that will affect your custom requirements for an app, the list below sums up the significant factors extensively. At its core, a crypto wallet could be a device or an application to help store crypto assets safely.

And depending on the brokerage or platform, this approach may be less safe, as the FTX implosion illustrated. If the brokerage fails or does not handle your coins responsibly, the investment can be lost. Although blockchain transactions are considered the most secure, the user’s data and private login keys are still vulnerable, hence there should be additional measures taken to protect users.

Crucial Characteristics of Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

After this, the code simply adds the receiver and the contract address. We basically only need the ”Moralis.transfer(options)” function, which is a single line of code used to transfer the ETH from one account to another. However, as you can see from the code, this function takes an argument in the form of an object. As such, prior to calling this function, we specify the properties of the ”options” object.

develop cryptocurrency wallet

To minimise the risk of others being able to access a user’s account, wallets should automatically log the user out after a period of inactivity, or after they close the app. This is something that traditional banking customers are used to as an industry standard. When developing applications, popular technological solutions and tools are used – they allow you to create a high-quality product with a necessary set of functions. You can use open-source libraries, for example, Coinbase and Bitcoinj, to create your future wallet.

How to create your own crypto wallet

On the other hand, an app with high complexity can take around 9-12 months to complete development. BitcoinJ SDK or Coinbase SDK are the two free libraries and tools for cryptocurrency wallet development. Since major cryptocurrencies are open-source, expecting trouble finding their libraries won’t be much of an issue.

develop cryptocurrency wallet

Bitcoin Wallet and Hive Android are some examples of mobile wallets. Desktop wallets are meant to be used on a desktop computer or a laptop. They can be accessed from the computer on which they were originally installed. This blog lets you understand the diverse landscape of cryptocurrency regulations across the globe, along with their legislative stances and related operations. Analyse the cause, Deciding the algorithm, Breaking down the steps involved, Gathering of specifications, development of coin, implementation of Wallet, Testing & Deployment. We have SEO services as well, to promote your projects with quality back-links in an organic way where we optimize your site visibility and rankings..


This stage includes the analysis, project plan, workflow, and wireframes approval. It helps to define business goals, analyze and prepare a plan for further development and find optimal technologies. When evaluating a project, the TT, brief and customer’s wishes are coming under review.

We advise and accompany medium-sized companies on their ongoing path to digital transformation. The basis for the change process, also known as “digital change”​ in companies, is a digital infrastructure and digital technologies from which new business models emerge. Pesmel has more than 40 years of experience in delivering solutions that improve material flows and logistics at different types of manufacturing facilities. We focus on serving customers around the world in the pulp and paper, metals and tire manufacturing industries. Once you have done this, you will be prompted to fill in their details before sending bitcoins. However, if building an app from scratch isn’t what you want to do, you can easily use the public libraries available on the web to build your app.

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This results in transactions being processed much quicker and makes it ideal for international transactions. Data in every transaction is encrypted therefore users’ personal information is not shared. Book a meeting with one of our team members and we will help you plan out your next steps. You can also use our calculator tool to receive a rough estimate on your project.

  • Learning more in-depth about how these wallets work is essential if you want to create a crypto wallet.
  • The majority of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum offer the cryptocurrency’s own wallet.
  • It is a piece of software that safely stores cryptocurrencies and keeps track of their transaction (buying, selling, and lending) records.
  • Choosing your web wallet should be done carefully as it stores your private keys online.
  • The total market cap for cryptocurrencies has reached over 2 trillion US dollars.
  • With it, developers can also reap the benefits of faster development times, lower costs, faster deployment, and continuous management capabilities.

Instead of keeping crypto on the cloud, users download the wallet to a USB device or a hard drive. This helps them keep their tokens safe there until they’re ready to trade. Modern technology makes it clear that passwords and pins alone will not protect you. Nowadays, it is more beneficial to use a dual-factor authentication method. However, two-factor authentication, also known as the 2FA technique, is safe. It also provides extra security in case the password or PIN is compromised.

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Our desktop wallet development services offer users an easy way to manage their cryptos on desktop devices. We craft intuitive wallets that provide easy navigation and seamless transactions alongside advanced cryptocurrency wallet developers security features that can protect digital assets. With all these elements, our desktop wallets are the perfect choice for crypto enthusiasts looking for a reliable and feature-rich solution.