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Intensive outpatient treatment involves a scheduled series of visits that are longer and more in-depth than a traditional outpatient program. You may do this after partial hospitalization, detox, or residential rehab. It can also be a way to prevent the need for those services.

  • This allows patients to begin to return to a state of physical health, when in their addiction they were often overeating or undereating.
  • Even though longer periods of treatment may be linked with better treatment outcomes, shorter programs such as 30-day inpatient rehab for alcoholism can still help people begin their alcohol recovery journey towards long-term sobriety.
  • Within the first week of treatment, each patient meets with our medical director, clinical director, psychiatrist, and individual therapist multiple times.
  • I wanted to stop my habit for a very long time trying on my own never worked I needed help and would never accept it.
  • In addition to his day-to-day responsibilities at WhiteSands, Mr. Ducey was responsible for the implementation and expansion of WhiteSands locations at the direction of the owner and CEO, Garry Jonas.

Our Alumni team and the corresponding network of alumni will be there to support patients on their journey to life-long sobriety. As part of our program, we have patients complete relapse prevention plans related to substance addiction while also having them identify areas where they might fall into other addictive patterns once they return home. Many individuals with addictive personalities achieve initial sobriety from drugs and alcohol but begin exercising compulsively, restricting food, overeating, working 80 hours per week, or engaging in compulsive sexual behaviors. Engaging in any of these behaviors often leads to relapse on substances while also causing issues in their personal lives, just like their substance use issues did.

Recreation Center

In fact, many clients can receive treatment at little to no out-of-pocket expense. With extended use of alcohol or other drugs, your body becomes accustomed to the substance. Quitting causes withdrawal symptoms, which can range from mild to life-threatening. The detox process is designed to safely clear the addictive substance from your body.

alcohol detox near me

I would recommend anyone considering treatment to keep an open mind to any and all options. I went in there dead-set against the twelve steps, and left with a slight inclination to give them a shot, which has been my saving grace ever since. If you keep an open mind and become willing to try something to better your life, the right path for you will present itself. The living situation at White Sands was much better than I had expected it to be.

Our Facility

Our team will work with patients daily, always putting the comfort and well-being of guests first. Achieving personal recovery goals is possible with the help of our staff. This is accomplished via daily virtual check-ins as well as in-person check-ins when feasible. We believe this will allow us to catch many “slips” before they happen. If a “slip” does occur, it can be caught early and then does not require further inpatient treatment that takes patients away from work and family again. At WhiteSands, we believe that providing access to electronics offers a necessary degree of privacy and freedom, but we ensure this is done within a clinically supportive environment.

  • All Alumni are welcome to partake in ongoing meetings, events, and outings as part of the ongoing recovery process of addiction.
  • 10-acre campus with a variety of amenities including a pool, volleyball, basketball, a recreation center, a state-of-the-art athletic complex, as well as plenty of room to stretch out and relax.
  • Rehab center representatives can even check your benefits while you’re on the phone.
  • The experienced staff at Ohio Addiction Recovery Center realizes this and have created a multitude of programming and treatment options that can be tailored to meet the unique and specific needs of each client.

When you enter an inpatient alcohol treatment program, you’re removed from your environment and bad habits. Alcoholism can affect the person struggling with it as well as their loved ones. Detox may seem like the only way to address the alcoholism. However, it’s important to keep in mind that alcohol detox can be dangerous if it’s done at home.

Our Unique Life Skills Program

During detox, you are typically not required to participate in any treatment. Instead, you should rest until your withdrawal symptoms subside. The Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies sets the standard in quality and convenience by offering master’s degree programs that prepare you for a career as an addiction and sober house mental health counselor. The experts at Hazelden Betty Ford have developed the recovery field’s most trusted and comprehensive care for you and your family. Empathy, evidence-based practices and patient-centered care are at the heart of our treatment approach, with the aim of helping you achieve long-term recovery and well-being.

alcohol detox near me

Patients are able to participate in sober outings to surrounding areas and those residing in our community housing will have access to weekly shopping trips and receive increased access to personal electronic devices. This allows them to receive freedoms slowly rather than all at once where they may become overwhelmed. Patients who opted into the personal training program will be able to continue to exercise with their personal trainer on a daily basis and to engage in the boxing and fitness program (optional).

While you have many choices, Ohio Addiction Recovery Center should be your first choice. We feature qualified, experienced and licensed staff that respect the confidentiality and integrity of each client. Our facilities are run by knowledgeable and licensed staff in a clean and safe environment. Our counseling and therapy programs have a proven track record of success and are backed up by studies done by impartial outside sources.

alcohol detox near me

The standard relapse prevention groups and work has not been successful for the majority of individuals struggling with addiction. We have made many changes to our program experience in addressing the prevention of relapse. This athletic complex is something that no other treatment center provides at this level.

Addiction Treatment Tampa

These programs can be flexed to fit the specific and unique needs of each client and can be easily adaptable in group and one-on-one settings. Additionally, we offer comprehensive outpatient and aftercare programs that help reinforce healthy life and coping skills. If you are seeking drug treatment services for yourself or for a loved one, don’t wait another day. Our inpatient rehab plans for opioid addiction treatment provide individualized treatments that include scientifically backed therapies like individual counseling. During these sessions, clients can work with their therapist to address problems in their life that led them to abuse opioids. They’ll discuss ways to manage their triggers and create a healthy lifestyle that supports their sober living goals.

After completing our residential treatment programs, clients can transition to a less-structured program like our outpatient treatment plans. That way, clients can get the ongoing support they need as they transition back to their lives. We offer many types of programs that support long-term recovery. In this way, we can support people no matter where they are in their recovery journey. Opioid rehab in Tampa can begin as soon as medical detox is complete.